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Martin de Santos December 05, 2013 Community Help

 Apologies for any problems. We want to make you connect with your little ones ASAP!  

 Facebook can be quirky unfortunately. It seems that if you accidentally deny permission to access your Facebook account for Drawing Together, that denial gets stuck (this is all Facebook, not DT). 

If you are having problems connecting with Drawing Together to Facebook, please try the following. Let's try the easy choices first.

A) Please try turning your iPhone/ iPad on and off. Try drawing together again. Enter Drawing Together, Tap on Invite Facebook Friends.


If this fails...

B) Go to going to the Settings App in iOS 7. Tap on Facebook.


Under it it should say apps that have permission to access Facebook. There should be a line that says Drawing Together. Toggle the switch to green.


Then try drawing  together again.


C) If this fails...


1) going to the Settings App in iOS 7. Tap on Facebook. Tap on you account and then delete it (you will sign in again in a minute, nothing is lost)


2) If you have the Facebook App. Delete it. (You can download again in a minute.


3) Delete Drawing Together and download again from the App Store (you will not be charged


4) sign into FB again from settings


5) Download Drawing Together


6) Start Drawing Together. Go to Draw with friends. Tap on Invite Drawing Buddies with Facebook.


7) Accept the permissions


8) See what happens


9) download the Facebook app again if you want.


 Please write to us at support@tipitap.com if your problem persists. We will get them solved!